Quotes added on Tuesday, October 28 2008

there's only
                  one thing 
                             two do
               three words 

              five seconds
                         six feelings
                seven thoughts
                                                  eight letters

            i l o v e y o u <33

                                   zero regrets

peyton_heart and CheRWhOrE gets 3/4 of the credit. i added on =]

    your the one i think about before
    i got to sleep at night....

                  i love you baby<333
ppl will always want my stories. theyll always want my glory. when you shine this brite. theree always gonna hate cuz they just cant appreciate sumthin that they dont got. so stay hopin a lot, prayin' 2 get hot, wishin on a star to gain wat i got*
thers only one way to say this.....
             I Love you 
Someone call the doctor,
Got a case of a love bi-polar.
Stuck on a roller coaster,
Can't get off this ride.

                he's perfect.
                           he's gorgeous.
                he's sexy.
                             he's nice.
               he's All mine.

Isn't it funny how when you were little your parents told you to never sniff markers, but they make smelly ones that smell really good and are meant to be sniffed?
 when you have me you dont need anyone else....<3
you were so strong
i thought youd make it through
its so hard to except the fact that your gone forever

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