Quotes added on Tuesday, October 28 2008

                 ell ohh vee eee

take if ya wanna but rate high if you doo!
made by me brittany +}
God gave us noeses

but mom says "dont sniff markers!"

love is like a roller coaster you never know where its gonna take you next

add pretty colors and stuff rate high if ya agree
made all by my noggin (brittany)+}
fly eagles fly, to the road to victory, fight, fight, fight, fly eagles fly score a touchdown 1,2,3, hit um low, hit um high, and watch our eagles fly, fly eagles fly, to the road to victory, E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!!

! it was stuck in my head!

Best Friends;;

because obviously god
couldn't handle us all as `
sisters and ____xo


found it and loved it so had to put it on there so steal if ya wwanna just found it so dont really care  ahaahhah

take if your name is brittany it would look awesome at the top of your pro!


You Say You Can't Lose Them But In A---»

H E A R T B E A T;; They're Gone

Cross your heart
Hope to die
Clothes & make-up
Boys & lies
Forever there until the end
The definition of a

True Bestfriend

Love's like standing on wet cement
The longer you stay the harder it is
to leave and you can never let go
withoutleavingfootprintsbehind <3

so cute just ahd to put it in there please dont steal thought of itall by myself!!!!

its amazing how you make me laugh[ when i don`t even©want to smile ]

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