Quotes added on Saturday, November 1 2008

juss bcuxx we have really badd timees in lifee dnt mean we sacrifice the gudd ones
so do da opposite:
sacrifice the badd ones for the gudd ones x]
#1 hmm [[question]]
why does an alarm go off wen its on??

#2 hmm [[question]]
if an ambulance is on its waiii to save someone and it runs some one over does it stop to save them

#3 hmm [[question]]
can blind ppl c theyre dreams?
#4 hmm [[question]]

why does donald duck wear a towel wen he comes out of the shower wen usualy doesnt wear any pants

#6 hmm [[question]]
at a movie theater which arm rest is urs

Pain is Temperary Pride is Forever.
We Bust Ours To Kick Yours..
Your sorry.
For ruining everything we had together.
After you over reacted and did horrible things to me.
Then appoligize.
Yeah sure, 
I forgive you. 
But now i forget you.

soccer is life <333*
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