Quotes added on Sunday, November 2 2008

out of all the people i know. . .

you're one of them
There comes a point in your life
when you realize that nothing will ever
be the same & you realize that from now
on time will be divided into two parts ;;

before this & after this.

+& i'd have never thought
that I would fall this hard
for a silly boy like

one of my best friends currently hates me.
i really miss her Diary.
and i dont even know what i did wrong.
all my other friends say get over it,
they say shes a drama queen, shes overreacting.
but shes my drama queen. i love her.
they dont understand how much i miss her!

it's so sad realizing two people,
who were once so close,
barely speak a word anymore.</3

dont you just love those
hockey boyys
We all remember the show "Out of the Box"!?
Well i've always wanted to know how on the theme song there was just a pile of boxes but when they were inside of the boxes, there was a tree and it was bigger than my house?!?!?!
& in the end, we always return to the people who were there in the beginning.
we all choose a path in life;;
sometimes we never look back
&& sometimes life forces us too

i'm probably the
[[coolest dork]]
you'll ever meet!
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