Quotes added on Sunday, November 2 2008

If I could be anything;;

I'd Be A Tear;;

Born at your eyes;;

Live on your cheek;;

And die at your lip.


   "You are the most importatnt thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever"

i swear we will be friends
but if i add th "R" forever will endd

everyone has a friend like
                                    p a t r i c k  s t a r
  c o n f u s i o n  is nothing new.

i woke up this morning stil extremely sadd.....so i tried 2 make it betterrr...
The undeniable result of the touch of his lips,
Another moment would be just fine,
Stay tonight, get lost in my dreams with me.

i made it=) im new to this, sorry filll me in ;]
                Now Watch Some Moron Screw It Up
i don't care what they say
      i'm in love with you
  they try to pull me away but they don't know the truth

         you are my star, i'm your number one fan;
                 b a b y | p l e a s e | t a k e | m y | h a n d
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