Quotes added on Tuesday, November 4 2008

A Good Friend would share their lunch with you if you forgot yours.

A Best Friend would eat their food in front of you and "enjoy" it while you don't get any.

*make it prettier, i had alot of quotes on my mind and needed to get them out so i had no time to color it*
"the act only works on the audience."
                                  -- A Walk to Remember
boy, she would give you the world,
&  you won't
give her a chance.
  how nice.

* haha i had a dream that someone said this to the guy i like.
You may say that I'm a dreamer,
but i'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, 
and the world, will be as one

-david archuleta,  imagine.©

now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the lord me soul to keep
if i die before i wake
i pray my lord my soul to take

~my favorite prayer

                                           its your right
                                       its your privilage
                                        its your opinion

                 LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD

Cause we're old enough to know
never letting go      
That's just the way we roll

mama mia
HeRe We GO aGaiN.
aN i resIsT YOu?
i can be so good, so sweet, so mean, but only one person really thinks that im *beautiful*

 don't cha hate that they {exist},
 but don't cha love that they're  [around]?
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