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New time glory, all time low, the secret handshake, devil wears prada, scary kids scaring kids, the maine, forever the sickest kdis, set your goals, the amaerican heart, personal L, emanuel, hot rod circuit, the escape frame, lorene drive,

Can't pay my -----> [rent]
'cuz all my moneys -----> [spent]
&& thats ok cuz -----> [im]

[S T I L L]-----> [ F L Y ]

<Listen to the [PUNK GOES CRUNK] versoin of this song by [DEVIL WEARS PRADA] it is absolutley amazing!!>
Yeah you,
Yurr bitting yurr lower lip
while i'm still talkin about
what i can get.....<3 E>

Sing It Loud
[Biting Yurr Lip]
they are ehh-may-zingg <3 E>
im a nerd because i get good grades
emo because i wear black sometimes
perverted because i actually get the jokes guys tell
pig because i actually eat
flirt because i know how to talk to guys and have fun
mean because im honest
slut because of the way i dance & get boys' attention that i actually like
obnoxious because i like to have a good time
wierd because i don't ONLY have ONE group of friends
prep because i wear aeropostale, american eagle & bcuz i say omg!
i'm done with this.
don't label me

If this makes you think about thinking does that mean you have to think about thinking? But then maybe you never think because obviously your brain must think about thinking before it thinks and all of this thinking must make your thinker hurt. =]

I've got a...
foot popping, butt knocking, heart
breaking, legs quaking, butterflying
late night crying, tummy glowing
everybody knowing, singing in the
rain, all of the pain, diary entries,
seems likes centuries, mind bobbling
lightheaded wobbling, for ages, wittyprofile

Crush on you.

cinderella and prince charming fell in love over a shoe,
but for allie and noah a notebook worked on the two.
while edward cullen fell in love with every blush of bella's cheek,
juno fell in love with her orange tic-tack eating geek.
the one thing they all have in common however?
they were all uncontrolably, irrationally, undoubtably,
- - - - - - - - > in love forever... just like us babe*

haging with him
Cells good

<3 ily <3
 She falls for the players,
 but she plays the same games <3
"All This Talk About What You Got"

"What You Got "
By-Colby O' Donis
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