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A boy and a girl were hanging out one day when the girl said "do u like me?" the boy said no... The girl said do u think im pretty?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u want to be with me for a while?" the boy said "no"... the girl who was so upset started to walk away when the boy took her hands and pulled her close and said..." I dont want to be with you for only a little while i want to be with you FOREVER!, i dont think your pretty I think your Beautiful... I dont like you...... I LOVE YOU!!"

Ive heard this before!! no credit
    What has 142 teeth
and holds back the
Incredible Hulk?

                                                                   a guys  Zipper

congratualions if you can read the following!!

hey wttiy pofriels!! can you raed tihs? bcaeuse you are vrey not nromal if you can! cogelle porfssores say taht poeple who can raed tihs hvae a dfferinet barin lkie me! but as lnog as the frsit letetr of the wrod and the lsat letetr are in the smae palce, tahn tihs is not hrad to raed!

rate high ^ if you can read this. 
leave comments on my P A G E if you know what is says.
[ I F   T H E R E   I S   B R O C C O L I  O N  T H E  T A B L E  ]

Your my best friend
no R because, that
would be the end

         [(my name)]
Rate Only
if your a girl
that is in some sort of sport!!
remember only girls!!
The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing.

change font and colors.
With nothing but your  t-shirt on.

change colors.
  You Calling Me a Loser?!?!
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