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"Do you trust me?"he asked

She answered "I'm working on it"

"That works for me"Ā 

why whenever you pass by my stomache gets butterflies?
It feels like cattipliers were just hatched,
crawling around like they do,
making cocoons,
and hatching into 100 butterflies.
fluttering around trying to escape.
Then they mate,
hatch their eggs,
and it happens all over again.

yeahh, its true
a friend wouldn't trade you for anything,
but a best friend wouldn't trade you for anything
e    x    c    e    p    t      c    a    n    d    y...
getting played.
if i could have just one dance with you
i'll pick a song
that never ends.

don't you hate it when
you're talking to your crush on AIM and your computer
freezes up?

rate high if this ever happened to u!!!!!!
God is my savior and messiah!!!!! I have always belived in god but i have to always been a girl for gods heart. I have changed and i know that god cares about each and everyone of you.
is the closest thing we have to 
  m . . g . i . c *
Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you...
Over again, don't make me change my mind<3

Fall For You
~Secondhand Serenade~

"Then he took her hand and held it. His grip was loose. So loose that she wondered if her hand would slip away from his.Something kept her from actually looking at her her hand, although she was tempted to. She aimed her gaze straight ahead.But she thought about her hand until it became separate from her, a small, limp creature itself.He didnt let go. "

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