Quotes added on Tuesday, November 11 2008

So its not going to be easy!
It's going to be
really hard;
we're gonna have
to work at this
everday, but i want                     I love the notebook.
I want you.
I want you all of you
everyday, forever.
You and me..

   Questions to consider..  

>> why does he make me love him so…
>>why is it that whenever I look at him, I get butterflies..

why is it that whenever I look at him, I feel like he is the one..

why is it that the only thing that’s on my mind is him..

aybe its because..

you know and like his personality

you know that his cuteness is [one of a kind]

 >> you know that you and him match, connect and are similar

and you also know, that without him, you wouldn’t be [complete] 

       maybe its just, meant to be  

Credit: xolovejonasxo.

Irealli like thiss.

I only think bout him on days that end in a y.

                                                                 Urr in luck. It's Wednesday.

 noww. let's strt with those eyess...

color it up. i get lazyy
I had to sell my homework!
My parents needed gas!
Recycle Energy
Reuse Answers
Reduce Homework
Same CRAP,
Different TOILET.
Crazy Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It.
       In 30 years from now
                 it wouldn't matter
               what shoes you liked,
             or what clothes you wore,
          it's going to matter what you

Some say that time changes everything, but really, it's what we do that makes anything possible.
The more you care, the more you have to lose... So maybe it's better to just go it alone.

- Harry Potter

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