Quotes added on Friday, November 14 2008

Cheerleaders are like ANGELS we are the only other ones that can fly
its all so dark and mysterious
when the one you want doesnt want you too

Were tighter than [{S A N T A C L A U S}] in s k i n n y
jeans && thats pretty tight


Some people say that Im a shy girl

But  when they see me on the dance floor they say,

Boy was I wrong!

Everybody wants to go to

 H E A V E N,

 but nobody wants to


**How can

[prince charming] catch you

 if you never fall?**

O H ! N O ! S H E !  D I D N T !

Do you *~dream~*
               That the world will .:.know.:. your name?

So tell [[.me.]] your name.
never make him your everything,
because when you lose him,
you'll have nothing.

I like big books and I cannot lie.
                                             Those other books I can deny.
   When a nerd walks in with an itty bitty chapter,
                                              I like to face them:
                                                                   with laughter!

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