Quotes added on Saturday, November 15 2008

can't talk right now <3

rate and comment! im a beginner give me some creditt pleasee. i love your guys opinions<333 you rockk.

Wear it like make-up(:

she pretends that she doesnt like you
& she tries to
ignore the fact she's
crazy for you but she just ends up
falling even harder

took me foreverr to this! please rate and commentt<33 im a beginnnerr! your opinion and suggestions needed<3333

keep your head high;
there are people who would kill to see you fall.

people are gonna talk crap and make you feel like garbage
but you know who you are and don't
prove them that
wrong because they're the ones talking
[ [ fact: they obviously dont have a
life of their own ] ]

don't be trashy! recycle!

my best friend:
i have to keep her around, she knows too much!

the littlest things make me laugh.
it's not
hard to please me.
Im a
free-spirit. i'm strong and determined.
i love to look at the stars. i'm just a
&& that's all i wanna

sometimes all you need is a second chance
because time wasn't ready for the
first one.

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