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love is like war;
.easy to start
.hard to end
impossible to forget.

meet me on thames street. i`ll take you out  though
i`m hardly worth your time.  in the cold you look so  
fierce but i`m warming up, cuz the tension`s like  a
fire. we`ll hit south broadway in a matter of minutes
&+ like a bad movie i`ll drop a line, fall in the grave
i`ve been digging myself, but there`s room for two;
six feet under the stars *

this is a song for the peeps who dont knoo! rate and comment please! thankss<33 your opinion is neededd! im a beginnerr :]]

because tonight will
be  the  night  that I
will [ f a l l  ] for you
over again

i love this song! rate and comment peoplee<33 im a begiinnerr yourr opinions neededd :)

+& I’d swim the

[ ocean ] for you

 x  o  x  o  x  o  x 

rate and commentt! im a beginnerr!! need your opinionss! <333

Don't ever dump a girl you think you love.
You know she loves you back.
You think about her every night.
She is always on your mind.
It's love dont agnore it for the
girl in the corner you thin you may like.

not mine i editied it!

The hottest love
could have the coldest end.

b u t  i n  t h e  m e a n t i m e ;;
|[ have fun with | the wrong ones ]|

rate and commentt!! worked hard on thiss :] your opinion needed! im new!

true love does not come by
[ finding ] the
person, but by learning
see an


rate and commentt

Be Back Later

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