Quotes added on Sunday, November 16 2008

just to fill you in...
Secrets don't exist anymore.
Friends are like bras  close to the heart and always there for support
I-I-I-Imma need counselin
I lost my mind
and still haven't found it
but now I tip-toe on
trapped and amazed therefore
I am amazing

it's strange to think
the songs we use to sing,
the smiles, the flowers, everything
is gone.

             --taylor swift
                    [should've said no]

rate it.
"you have cream cheese on your side and you have to take it from mine"
"you perposly put all the friggin cream cheese on your side so you would have more"

Sure, I think other guys are cute. But everytime I see a cute guy,
I'm reminded of how cute you are, of how much I love you, of how sweet
you are, of how you can always brighten my day. & suddenly, that other guy
doesn't seem so good anymore.

(: we can make the night last foreverrrr
If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment,
don't show them up by getting wasted or wrapping your car around a tree.
If you really want to rebel against your parents, out learn them, out live them,
& know more then they do.

I was once a spark and to a flame it greww

If you keep a goldfish in the dark room,
it will eventually turn white.


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