Quotes added on Sunday, November 16 2008

&+ When he broke my heart;;
I had my [friends] to glue the pieces back together (:
I listen to my music wayy to loud.
I cant decide what i actually want.
&+there is one boy that im absolutely crazy for:)
&+ So she smashed her mirror
because starting [today], she was never looking back.
I once had a friend, that we got along alot. and we had fun and saw each other alot. and i saw all of these and she described all of them to be a TRUE friend. but one day, she decided she didnt need me. and she forgot about me, but that doesnt mean i forgot her. :' (

True Story, i never thought it would happen to me. ALL MINE. rate high

If your question is "where are they" Well i am doing something. but my question is. "why do u want to no" STALKER

u dont have to add the last part. it was just funny to me
change colors
      i'm that star up in the sky i'm that mountain peak up high
   hey i made it i'm the world's greatest i'm that little bit of
         hope when my backs against the ropes i can feel it 
     i'm the world's greatest <3

&& there comes a time in your life
where you find out who are your  friends
and who are your
this divide takes much courage
and just getting through it
shows that you can get through

Once upon a time..
    there was me and you
Happily ever after.

[cell would be good]
its best to forget what you feel
&& remember what you deserve
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