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Pray for the people

Who lost their homes

In the fires in California

It is devastating

I was one who almost lost their home

Many of my friends have already

This is the worst fires in California since

The Bel-Air fire in 1961

Many have lost their homes and had to evacuate

My dad was one

The fire was so close to the house he had to leave almostimmediately

He only got to grab a few clothes and pictures

Luckily it didn’t burn down

But many have and these fires are still going on

If you care rate high!
I would rather beg for forgiveness;
Then ask for permission.

...but your jus a BOy...
                        and you just don't understand
                   How it feels to love a girl                  
                                         someday you'll wish you were
                                                     a better MAN
                                                           - beyonce

                      ...I't wasn't until YOU, that i started to ...
           - - > that some things weren't jus the worth the wait  <- - 
                *, but worth every WISH , *

... one day you'll realize
^i make my own RULES^..
/.  leave a message =]

me =]
               She gets herself a HUGE BOWL of cereal
                             and stares at it for minutes
       thinking that if she takes a bite she'll gain a billion pounds
                          but today she's taking a step 
                and eating for the first time in two weeks

                       She get's ready in the morning
             getting her makeup as perfect as possible
                  straightening her hair for two hours
                              When she's finally done
        she takes off all the makeup and gets her hair wet  
        because today, she doesnt care what people think

               She sits and looks at old text messages
                     crying over all the ones that say 
                           "i love you baby, forever"
                     You may have fooled her at first,
              but she's stronger than she lets people know


define good(;

*haha this was on a shirt i saw, i thought it was cute
Wake up and smell the break-up,
Fix my heart put on my make-up,
Another mess I didn't plan,
And I'll bet, you thought you'd beat me
I wish you'd could only see
I got an I heart question mark,
Written on the back of my hand

~I Heart ? by Taylor Swift
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