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My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems........

now what are your other two wishes...?
i hate you

(not mine)
 Robby's Not
                                        Straight. Infact he's gay
                                         But he doesnt see life
                                            In any other way.
                     He trusts his best friend, to keep his
secret tight
                            But his best friend would rather be in
                                        Then do
what's right.
                                     He tells everyone the truth
                                And Robby's considered a freak
              His life is turned into hell for months, days, weeks
                         The girls laugh about having a gay friend
                            The guys make fun of his
gay bend
                  He's straight as a rainbow, they joke till he cries
                           And all a while, Robby
just wants to die
             When threats start to happen, and jokes turn into
             And now Robby's life, is being [ripped] out page by page
                                         They can't
accept him
                                         And it's all so wrong
                            As he stares down the barrel of a gun
                                     He mouths to it "So long."

Please we gotta stop</3

(not mine)
What in the Hell did i do to u

Rate high if
he dumped u for no reason!!!!

:] britty

Yesterday... We broke up┬ ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  Today... He's got a new girlfriend┬ ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬  ┬ Tomorrow... He'll ask me back out!!!

:] britty <3
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sugar Is sweet
And So are You
However the roses are willted
The vilolets are dead
The sugar bowls empty
And so is your head
not mine!

i wanted to send you something sexy...
ut the mail man told me to get out of the mailbox...

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