Quotes added on Saturday, November 22 2008

i’d like to make a toast
- - - - > t o m y g i r l s
[: so here it goes: ladies,
you are what keeps me
* T O G E T H E R &&
i don’t know what i would
do without you. just letting
you know that i think you
and don’t go changing hun.
pinky promise? <3 <3 <3
yeah, we’ll be tight till the
see you in heaven, chicas.
- - - > & + i LUFF YU <3
we all want to believe in love,
but how can we after we've had
our hearts shattered?
Rock it out
Live out Loud
The world is waiting for you
To stand out in the crowd.
+/.   its the heartbreaks that hurts
but its
the memorises that kill
i finally realized i am head ova heels in love with you!
and i hope you feel the same about me and
wanna be together always and forever!!

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#1 dontyouloveitwhen
you both realize you're looking at each
other at the same time... but forget to
look away<3
I try to hold
On to a time when
Nothing mattered
And I can't explain
What happened and I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't

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Crazy Spelt Backwards Is yzarc (:
            ^random moment^

wen she walkes away frum u mad=follow her
wen she starez at ur lips=kiss her
wen she swearz at u n callz u names=kiss hur n tell hur u luv her
wen shez quiet=ask hur waz wrong
wen she ignores you=give hur ur attentin
wen she pullz away frum you=pull hur bak into u n hold hur tight
wen u see hur upset=tell hur shez beautiful
wen u see hur walkn=sneak up on hur n hug hur waist
wen she puts hur head on ur shoulder=tilt it up n kiss hur
wen she brushes ur hand with hurz=hold her hand
wen she lukz into ur eyes=don look away till she does
wen u break hur heart=the pain will neva go away
wen she says she likez u=u hav no idea how much tha means
Soo... if u wanna be hur boo than kiss hur in the rain,
stay on the phon even wen she don say anything,
tease hur but let hur tease bak,
give hur the world, let hur wear ya clothez,
let hur kno shez important to u,
call hur everyday jus to let hur kno your thikn of hur
and wen she says its over=she still wants u to be hurs
n' wen she tells you she luv u=no one culd luv u more than she does
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