Quotes added on Wednesday, November 26 2008

Cuz we’re friends?
Cuz that’s all we’ll ever be?

*heard/seen it somewhere
hey bella
where did you get edward from?
cause i'm willing to pay you double
of what you got him for <3
how about triple?
The expert in
waz once a beg

What would you do for


Why? #2:

What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?
the stage lights shine bright
they blind your eyes
all you can see is a blur of glitter and fame
in this daze you spend your days
wasting away
parties and premieres
digging a hole.
shopping and sleeping around
digging a hole.
drugs and drinking
digging a hole.
then as quickly as it came
fame is gone
the daze starts to fade
slowly and slowly your eyes are opened
and you find yourself in the grave you dug for yourself.

& anything is possible
                                if you just

mine <33 you can change colors if wanted
dont you hate it when...

your boyfriend and you bestfriend hate eachother
                    && they dont know exactly how hard it is on you
 yeah i HATE it

DoN't You jUst hate it

When you're sitting there,
Waiting for her to sign in to msn,
then someone signs in...
You know it has to be her
then when you read the name it's someone else

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