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listen its me
i dont think u wuld ever realise this is 4 u
but i know u wuld neva like me in a million yrs
here i am loving u so much its hard to put in words
and there u are enjoying ur lyf without knowing im alive
i dont care that we are total oppisites and ur popular and
im not but i wuld neva stop likeing u.
everytime i see u i have butterflies and they dont go till
the end of the week.
here i am waiting for every thursday to see u.
For a while I thought...
Wow  I really want a boyfriend...
[[Sounds desperate. Right???]]
Finally I got one I thought he was amazing...
But it turned out we didn't talk much and it was awkward...
We decided to just be friends...
It turns out we became better friends...
So after a break up it isn't always true that you will hate each other...
Also the other thing I realized is right now im 13...
I don't need boyfriends till I get older, yes I will like boys still but...
Right now I should live life and do different things...
Do things for MYSELF.

**its not great haha just felt like typing it down...if you dont like it dont even bother to rate low.
&+forgetting what we had,
is like trying to avoid that annoying itch at the bottom of your foot.
i m m p o s s i b l e
I love you , I always have .
Don't ever doubt that .
& theres .always. that 1 guy *
    ....You can't  [ [  resist  ] ] ; ;
                          . ©. ©. © .
 no matter how many times u swear your done
   or how many tears he may have caused...
theres that something about him that keeps bringin you back

mine =]  rate & comment plez
& to tell you the truth...
 .:.  i'd risk it All fOr yOu?  ©  .:. 
     breaK all the rules ; tear down all the walls

mine =D  please rate & comment
and i want you to give me back;
-all the nights i cry myself too sleep about you, just wishing you would care a little more.
-all the times i say to myself " maybe tommorow will be a better day ".
-all the times i see you at recess wishing you would be sitting right next to me, but never say anything.
-all the times i get acused from your friends saying that im fridget, when i REALLY would give anything to be in you arms.
-all the times i feel sick in the morning, and go to school anyway just too see you, but you dont talk to me anyway.
-all the times you act like you dont see me, and walk straight passed.

but i geuss i should thank you for;
-all the nights i fall asleep smileing, thinking about you.
-all the times i say " today was the best freaking day ever "
-all the times i see you at recess, walking over to me.
-all the times you get acused of being fridget too, and just sit there like it dosnt bother you.
-all the times i feel sick in the morning, and go to school anyway just to see you, and you DO talk to me.
-all the times, you do see me and smile.

so yeah i just cant seem to let you go ;x

all minee
its pree long :)
aha ;
 LOVE  "A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness."

Even after I have been with him for years I still get insane butterflies when I see him, my hands begin to shake, and my heart beats faster.

When he wraps me in his arms I practically melt into his​ body.​ I can feel his​ heart​ beat, I notice every breathe he takes and his smell is nearly intoxicating.

Our lips just barely touch and suddenly the world around me feels insignificant. My heart feels like it is going to burst out of my chest; I worry he'll notice. I can feel every muscle move and hear every sound he makes.

I LOVE how we can be together for hours and not grow tired of one another. We can talk about anything and everything. We can sit, not saying anything, and be perfectly happy  just to be together.

He shows me he cares in everything he does. I wouldn't change how, even when we are fighting, he calls me to tell me he loves me and to have a good nights rest. I can't stand the fact that even when I am completely furious with him I am still head over heels in love with him; yet that is one of the things I love the most.
I know it is love. 
 I try and try to walk away but,
I know this crush ain't going away<3
    Don't you hate it when 
     you tell your best friend who you like
      and then they go and flirt with them?

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