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And I'm The Girl Who Wears Skinny Jeans To Gym
 I want you to kiss my forehead like I was a little girl and hold me like a teady bear.
 Part 2

Me: I broke up with him last night.
Him: Really? Well im here for you if you need me.
Me: I do.
Him: What?
Me: I do need you, I always have i just didn't know it, But now that i know, Please don't go.

 Your kisses make me wanna faint
Your hugs make me wanna fall asleep in your arms
Your look makes my heart skip a beat
Your love makes me realize this is all true and not a dream.
 Part 3

You: i want you.
me: you've got me.
you: you don't understand, i need you.
me: and i need you. 
you and me: together :)

 Love: i wish there was more stars in the sky
Me: there was but they fell from the sky...
Love: why did they fall?!
Me: they couldnt hold all the reasons why i love you so thats why they fell from the sky hehe
Love: Awww:) i love you
Me: i love u2
 Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
do you know your unlike any other
you'll always be my thunder
--youLL always be mY thunder..
yeaa;; i lovehim
Do I Dazzle You ?

ok . i wanna see how many Twilight fans are on witty . Rate up if you have OTD .
(Obsessive Twilight Disorder)
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