Quotes added on Tuesday, December 9 2008

You can never be old & wise
          if you were never 
young & crazy. ; ]
 & I really had to let him go 
...THis time <3 
& i'm never coming back
  [ * ]                              [ * ]

mine :(  sometimes it hard to let go
  && even if it meant 
  marrying you with a 
        ring pop
instead of a diamond...
          i'd do it.

  When I'm older and my little girl asks
       "Who was your fist love?"
     I don't wanna pull out old pictures.
I wanna point across the room and say
"He's sitting right over there."

    When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
     the world will know 
               p e a c e

Behind every beautiful girl,
there is that one guy, 
that did her wrong, 
and made her strong.

not taking credit
I guess I'm not his everything anymore...

Because loving someone is being able to let them go,
Let them be with the person that they think will make them happy,
Even if you are sure that person should be you.

spazinpink333 (6:17:28 AM): i wanta boyfriend for Christmas!
SantaClaus (6:17:29 AM): While everything I bring is made with lots of love, I can't actually bring love itself. That's up to you to find.  Is there anything else you would like?

see, not even Santa can bring me
 Is it just me or
wasn't forever a little bit longer?

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