Quotes added on Saturday, December 13 2008

Normal is just a cycle on a washing machine.


I want to feel you next to me,
arms wrapped around me,
heart beating next to mine<3

Everynight I lie awake
and think about you.
Wondering what I could do
to put a smile on your face
( no cheating! you have to leave it the way you put it )
add on to the list!:

juaqcdobg - jacob
bbriittssey01q12- britsey01 (my names brittany too so i put my account name!)
jkastyie-Katie lol close lol
gabvbvytty-gabbyy i havee reall good skill i was off just a littleee(:
renee~Oh yea! i had my friend do it for me ^^^^^^ this person
franki - Franki!! lol
alexiks-alexis! hah darn!
kara- ahh come on!!! my name IS kara!!! POOP
taylor- yayayay my name is Taylor!!! <3
c xazra - Cara .. haha, close
bnreasnna --breanna...like 2 letters off
hayley ~ hayley! you just type with the point on your elbow! :]]
jesse~ ha my name IS jesse! yay! Hayley is completely right! its easy!
kelsea- oh yehh, my name is kelsea! =] <3
ssraz- aw mannn. its sara actually. (:
dxnmfcfgtedsa- andrea.. ouch i was off!! hehe :]

Why does this boy have my heart
when he doesn't even deserve it?

I fall more and more for you every
time you look at me and smile<3 =]

Yes, I Do sing in the shower.

(: rate or hate.
In this desperate moment, you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be h o n o r e d by your choice? Or will you *embrace* your new path? Each morning you choose to >>move forward>> or to
simply give up ©

      >Lost & Insecure,
you found me, you found me
                 lying on the floor.

Some have been thought brave because
they were
(afraid) to run  a  w  a  y -----

Not mine~
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