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Emily: Andrea, my God! You look so sheek.
Andy : Oh, thanks. You look so thin.
Emily: Really? It's for Paris, I'm on this new diet. Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.
You know, in case you were wondering - the person whose calls you always take?
That's the relationship you're in.

I hope you two are very happy together.
             Do The Pencil
      /__             Do The Pencil 
      |     |            Broken Get A New One
      |     |            Do The Pencil
      |     |            Do The Pencil
      |     |            Broken Get A New One
      |     |            And Sharpen It
      |     |            Sharpen It
      |     |            Sharpen It
      |     |            Sharpen It
      |     |            Uh Oh. A Broken Sharpener
      |     |            Do The Pencil
      |     |            Do The Pencil
      |  2 |            Broken Get A New One
      |_   |
           All These Pencils Are So Much Fun
      |     |            All These Pencils Are Number....
      |_   |            2!!!

Don't know what's going on
Don't know what went wrong
Feels like a hundred years
I still can't believe you're gone
So I'll stay up all night
With these bloodshot eyes
While these walls surround me with the
story of our life

i always take the spotlight
& with a swirl of my hips
and a pucker of my lips
& Boy I see you Lookin
Wishing you Had this...

minez =p   rate and comment plez
you wish your dreams would come true then you wake  ^   and realize ...they already have: if you were dreamin of sugar plum fairies:Hun you woulda stayed asleep zzzzzzz.......
 ...You have no sense of fashion...
I think that depends on... 
No, no, that wasn't a question.
Love me? Hate me 
 Ether way
You have NO
right to rate me!

You know your in love when
you check your voicemail 20 times just 2 hear his voice
you stay home instead of movies even when he says that itz your choice
you wish that he was here with you to hold and never let go
its your first christmas together and you say look at the pretty snow
the visits are far and few between
reading the lines no inbetween
i love you like a sister girl but listen to me now
i know you want to brush it off it but ill make you believe and this is how
he doesnt feel the same way i no u dont think itz true
but answer me this sweetheart does he smile when he says i love you?
does he say that you are the only one withuot looking away?
does he change his plans to visit you even on a rainy day?
could you give me a list of reasons
why youll be together
through the seasons
or is he unpredictable like the snowy cloudy weather?
You really want to answer yes but have to reply no
for even an answer to that difficult question
is easier than telling him so
do you really feel bad after or is that how you're trained to be
who would you save now if it were between him or me?
the situations come up daily
alterations made dismayley
he probably promises you he'll never lie
but what would you believe if he left, dumped you,smiled then waved goodbye
would all your happy fellings fade to utter black
or would you still wait up at nite hoping he'll come back
i dont reallly know what else that i can say
to make you understand my reasons for feeling this way
the thing that you dont understand is that while i watch him hurt you
im thinking id be better if you just let me through
you sit at home and wait for him wile you talk to me on the phone
he comes home really late at nite bye to me hello to him
so do u realize now i think that i do too
as much as he is hurtful
you believe hes the one for you
everytime you say goodbye to me
i just must simply remember
youve made your desicion
decided to choose him
and now its over for me
so goodluck to the both of you
may your hardtimes allow you through
and yes ill always be here when he doesnt come home
but please. my good dear smart
friend b4 we part now realize this
if it were me instead of him there would b no need 4 a shoulder 2 cry on
no friend 2 lie on
id be better i promise but that doesnt matter

But quicky before you leave let me ask you one last question
is this the way you feel?
are you really in love with him?

confessions of a best guy friend oh id hate 2 b u

rate high-credits all minee

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