Quotes added on Monday, December 15 2008

i always take the spotlight
& with a swirl of my hips
and a pucker of my lips
& Boy I see you Lookin
Wishing you Had this...
not mine
rate it or hate it!
Now our dreams are coming true...

Through the good times and the bad...

I'll be standing there by you


I wish >he< was my homework...
Because then he would be hard...
and I would be doing him on my desk.
not mine
My favorite part about BARACK OBAMA is that his motto is the same as BOB THE BUILDER's

( no cheating! you have to leave it the way you put it )
add on to the list!:

juaqcdobg - jacob
bbriittssey01q12- britsey01 (my names brittany too so i put my account name!)
jkastyie-Katie lol close lol
gabvbvytty-gabbyy i havee reall good skill i was off just a littleee(:
renee~Oh yea! i had my friend do it for me ^^^^^^ this person
franki - Franki!! lol
alexiks-alexis! hah darn!
tazrfzas-tara=pp i have suckyy elbow coordination!!
bruann a---brianna ( i swear i wrote that with my elbow its so close  yes!!!!
nicolre-nicole(hahaha luckyy mee) 
sahnzahj a--shauna bahaha i suck at writing with my elbow :P 
cxarelky-carly-bahaha that was hardd! lol
jkacvkie-mmmmmm yea...jackie

I used to think I wouldn't get over you...
Then one day I woke up and noticed
Ill be just fine.
do you ever feel like you have to SHOUT at the world
                      for it to leave you, if only for a
                                                              m i n u t e ?
A red one
i've found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you...

Lover not a fighter

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