Quotes added on Wednesday, December 17 2008

I know this world is so
              cold && deceiving
but i keep my head up like
            my nose is bleeding.
-weezt f baby
stressin && obsessin
just aint my style. all i
want is for someone
to make me smile.
If you truly love something, let it go.
If it comes back to you, it is
yours forever.
If not, then it was never yours in the first place.
no smile is...
More Beautiful
than ones that struggled
               though the tears.
I loved who you were
But I hate who you've become.
I'm proud to say that...

I'm traditional-the boy needs to ask me.
I don't care (too much) what people think of me.
It's cool that I read.
I love my parents.
My best friend means THE WORLD to me.

I am who I am...and your approval isn't neede
Sometimes i wonder...
if we'll be together forever
but then i know the answer
when i read your pro
and im not in it
ur stat and it says ; played
my decision has been made
ur away message says
i thought she was the one
but y did i feel so undone
when i decided she wasnt
and i no the answer is no
all mine jock it if u want hi or lo really dont care idk if itz good b honestt

People Use It All The Time

"So were cool?"
"Like the other side of the pillow."

While does anyone remember where it started?
I do.
It was on Disneys 'Proud Family'

no, he's not perfect. he laughs at me when I trip. he throws stuffed animals at me when I act stupid. we play hide and go seek and throw eachother around in the snow. he bets me kisses that he can beat me at video games & never ever lets me win. he's perfect to me, & that's all that matters.

(c) mine.

the silence keeps it easy ;;
keeps you safe for the moment
as your walking away
your foot steps get louder
all you needed was time...
But now time we'll destroy us
                                                                                   -Scary kids scaring kids

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