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[dont ask me,
you're the one with the map Dora,
you call yourself and explora.?!?
-- Crazy Steve
t beyond measure is man's greatest treasure

isnt it funny when;;
you're in the bathroom at school and you start
talking to the person in the stall next to you
and it turns out that it isn't the person you thought it was.

If GYMNASTICS was easy.....
It would be called

all gymnasts have heard this term before, rate high if you agree!
Or perhaps in Slytherin
you'll make your real friends
thoscunning folk use [anymeans]
to achieve their ends
life is like a rainbow full of colors but always ends 
rainbows end like the world ends
bottles get finished because people drink out of them
popsicles melt because people leave them in the sun 

every thing has a end to it...

i am your immaturity
and your brilliance
i am your praised
and your doubt
i am your expressions
and your rage
i am your joy
and your regret
i am your faith
and your tragedy
i am your delight
and your passion
and maybe thats why i love you

i call them all baby
because i forget their names.
& i regreat not dating you when i had the chancee.......
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