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Running in the rain is the BEST because u get to be 
                           for just those few minutes
and she's only seventeen, still so young to go through this
she gave everything to him, he was her best friend
her boyfriend, her first and only true love
he was her everything, after a year together
she was so sure he was the one
she finally let herself trust 100% that he wouldn't hurt her
like she had been hurt in the past
she knew he loved her with all of his heart
that he would give the world to her
he told her that he would always be there
no matter how rough times got, that he would never leave her
that he would always love her, when she needed a shoulder to cry on
he would be there, she would call him, at all hours in the morning, crying
because her mom was drunk, and she couldn't take it anymore
he would talk to her and ease a smile on her face
he would hug her the next day for what seemed 
like an eternity, he always made her happy
he knew her better than she knew herself
he knew that tickling her could make her laugh
he knew that kissing her forehead gave her butterflies
he knew that coming up behind her and whispering
"i love you" in her ear made her day
but what he doesn't know, is that one day he broke her heart
into more pieces than she ever thought possible
despite all the lies about him always being there
and all of the bad things she said to him
as he pulled his hand out of hers and walked out the door
she still wants nothing more. then to be in his arms
and as a tear rolls down her cheek
she says his name to herself, and wonders where she went wrong
but most of all, she wonders why

s h e s t i l l l o v e s h i m

&+ He Drives
<<---Me crazy--->>
But he keeps me
From going insane

^^Anybody feel the same way?
it's great that you care about abortion.
but rating a quote high won't help any babies or spread awareness.
Everyone on witty is a teen.
They can't do any more or less for babies than George Busch, okay?
if we all hate drama so much
why do we start it
he is 
who keeps her
alive. she who 
 everyday if 
today is the day.
they never get
parted again. to
be together and
spend everyday
with eachother
till the end of time.
happy and eager
every morning just
to wake up and 
see eachothers
face. knowing
that she has the
love of her life
with her and no
one can change 
the fact that
everyday will be
a new begining.
she who knows
that he is the 
best one out 
of all and that 
there both so
lucky to have
eachother and
she waits for
that day to come
and make new

                                                                           _the notebook 
i lost the game. ;)
this only works if you know what "the game" is (:

& yes this is a quote for buddy infos.

Sometimes we expect more from others
because we would be willing to do that much more
for them.

S.u.M.m.E.r. 2009I

haha i know were not there yet but shuld b great wen we get there<33
i wonder
if he feels the same way...
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