Quotes added on Tuesday, December 23 2008

spent too much time
about things that would never happen
dressing up for that boy that would
never care
to notice the one who really loves me
has been standing next to me
this whole time
what i wish for #1
to say i love you {back}
do you work at
cause you're sure giving me a
foot long ;]

what i wish for
to be someones favorite toy.
what i wish for
to fall asleep under the stars with him by my side
what i wish for
to be his everything.

sorry for putting this rate  thing i hate them too but should i keep doing these? please rate!
Some friends......
Are not what you think.
You can only wish they were.

I wish she realized how much i love her as friend,
I only wish i could get the same love in return.
I want to be the girl
he gives his hoodie to where&
&cuddles up next to when its cold,
I want to be the girl
he walks up behind and wraps his arms around me
catching me completely off gaurd
and whispers
"your beautiful"

all mine please dont steal........

I asked my friend whose in the army 
             what he wanted for christmas

he replied...

I already have it, I get to go home..

aw..this makes me appreciate my family.
*rate high if it makes you appreciate too*

-Armed Forces-
   Support the troops, they support your freedom
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