Quotes added on Wednesday, December 24 2008

me: lol maybe
matt: maybe she'll win and buy a bigger house or just an add on.
me: haha cause her house is so tiny I can't fit my finger in it!
matt: not even a blade of grass!
me: me not even a blade of cheese!
matt: you mean like string cheese but thinner?
me: yeah like when you cut a piece of cheese and its rigid not smooth,
thats a blade of cheese!

-wow randomness. but yeah I was talking about my
friend whose house is GIANTIC! so lol we were talkin
about a Christmas present for her. yeah we are weird.
ahh rate it hate it whatever. I just think it's funny(:
i swore i'd never fall again , but this don't even feel like falling .
Gravity can't forget to pull me back to the ground again.
Forbidden To Remember
Terrified To Forget
-New Moon, Bella Swan (:
friends will text you at 9 in the morning to ask if you're up,
but BEST FRIENDS will call you at 4 in the morning,
just to ask what you're doing(:
live to please no one but yourself.
I Miss
who you used to be
it sucks , because i know i will NEVER for get your gorgeous face.

Peace out girl scout [

Its a love story baby just say ...  yes
My friends tell me to

move on

but it's so much harder

than that.

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