Quotes added on Sunday, December 28 2008

&+ Dont You Hate it When:
       Your Watching a really funny TV show and you parents walk in at a very dirty part comes on and they are like WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING! and freak out

Very Annoying, if it hasnt happened to you consider yourself lucky. Rate h

I dont want just the end of love
or just the beginning
or to miss the middle
I want the entire thing
NEED our whole story
a new year
a new beginning 

i still feel alone in a crowded room
≈If staying 17 meant;
staying with Edward Cullen,
I would stay 17  f.o.r.e.v.e.r
when we're on the phone
and theres slience im always wondering
what your thinking about....?

all mine dont steal please.
[ A Y B E ]
--->the word that keeps me hoping</3
Fact of life 1;;
Girls like having a whole heart,
rather than one spilt in two;;
Everyone has them
And under all the lies;;
Is a heart of gold..
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