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Guys on Witty
setting the standards for boyfriends all over the world
Dont you hate #2
when you run down the street to you haouse
from school becasue you have to pee so bad
your in the house, in the bathroom went pee,
go to get the toilet paper and theres none left!

omg i hate it. so annoying!  hppenes o me quite a bit. rate it if you agree!

<33 BTW all mine. credit to me!
CHRISTMAS   is a time 2 see family and worship our great saviors life... Then y r we so wrapped up in the material part of it.. presents.. we 4get wat christmas is all about.
 #17 reason i fall for him

he has a Witty
&& i'm a twilight freak;
and i couldn't care less what
 ANYONE thinks about that.(:
 stop saying "i wish"
start saying "i will"
  And to think that you use to be my everything 
&& now you break my heart to go out with my best friend
&& now your just going to hurt her too
well i hope you liked our friendship while it lasted....</3
 Lips are for kissing
hearts are for breaking
movies are for crying
boys are made for cuddling
Life is made for living.
U MAY HAVE BLOOD BROTHERS OR SISTERS.. But ur tru family treats u as if ur royalty!

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