Quotes added on Wednesday, December 31 2008

At the Sabres Game.
Be back wayy later.
they talk all the time, in school, text,
call each other.
people come up to
her and ask if they are dating.
she says "No, just really close
when she is
thinking in her head..
i wish
I don't have PMS.
I just
HATE  you.
the best things in life are worth
waiting for,
fighting for,
believing in,
 & just never letting go. 
New Sn:__________
IM me there
Now, thats a true Kodak moment!
haha its so sad that i call you and block my number and when you pick up the phone i say "opps wrong number" and hang up, just to hear your voice.

guess i really like you<3

haha idk. im bored. rate if you want.
God created the world in 7 days
It took me 7 seconds to

-will smith 7 pounds(:-
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