Quotes added on Thursday, January 1 2009

the satisfaction of another year of
liking you, because boy i've wasted one
and my heart cant take it, and im finally going
to move out with my life
We r the type of friends who........
fight over a bag of chips. on the end we dont say sorry we say to bad Sucker!

Spelling bee:
Man: Please spell love.
Girl: Love? Definition please.
Man: Sorry, There is no 'real' definition, you have to define it yourself.
they say they tell me everything,
but really they tell me nothing.
and i label them my BFFs,
but not anymore 
they're the biggest regret of my life </3

lets make it amazing.
HAPPY 2009 : )

this year, its gonna rock and roll.

wishing everyone a
Happy 2oo9! (:

well at least it's 2oo9 in pennsylvania. (:
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