Quotes added on Friday, January 2 2009

If a kiss was a raindrop,
I'd send you a shower.
If a hug was a second,
I'd send you an hour.
If a smile was water,
I'd send you the sea,
If you needed love,
I'd send you me
when people say,
it was the kind of joke that you just had to be there
i think that’s just an
excuse because you hate
that no one
found it funny.
started as a crush;;
[ & ended up meaning e v e r y t h i n g in the world. ]

KT RaidersY
M I N I   F O O T B A L L 

Request for universityofpink21(:
me and her would only know
wht this team is lol (:
oh & its [halarious]
that he accually tried to say he didn't like me either
like he accually wasn't going home crying himself to sleep
like i [used] to do over him
Rosie Y

Request for Rosiiex17 (:
hope youu like itt (:

"There is a difference in
what we long for,
what we settle for, and
who we are meant for."

++The Notebook
magazine quiz
baby, those things dont lie
it says that im in
so put on your big girl panties,
deal with it.
N F L   F O O T B A L L 

request for makemelaughxox11
hope u likee itt (:
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