Quotes added on Saturday, January 3 2009

And I Hate it When;;
Girls get all mad because
some guy liked her
And she totally fell for him,
but then he stopped liking her.
I think they should just be happy
that they ever got "considered".
Theres plenty of people out there just dying
for their crush to even look at them once..
So next time you get mad.. think about it.

i'm letting go of everything i used to love.
dropping all the things i cared about,
and for once i'm doing everything for myself.
i'm not worried about if were going to be together,
because why should i care if you never did.

inspirational or breakup.
either way.
you decide.

¢αℓℓ мє α ѕℓυт, ¢αℓℓ мє α ωнσяє...
¢αℓℓ мє ωнαтєνєя, ινє нєαя∂ ιт вєƒσяє...
ѕαу тнαт ιм ƒαкє, ѕαу тнαт ι ℓιє...
ѕαу ωнαт уυυ ωαηт, уυυ ωσηт ѕєє мє ¢яу..
вє¢αυѕє ι кησω ησηє σƒ ιтѕ тяυє...
вυт ѕαуιηg αℓℓ тнιѕ ѕнιт...
ωнαт ∂σєѕ тнαт мαкє уυυ؟
well here we are again
throwing punchlines, no one wins.

as the morning sun begins to rise we're fading fast.

and we won't work this out
no we're not gonna work this out tonight
no we're not gonna make this right

so i'll give a kiss and say goodbye.


name: you always have my back i know your always going to be there for me.
name: you are my wild child we can do anything together and nobody can stop us.
name: you are a sister to me you care for me and i'll always now you love me.
name: babe you always make me laff and when i start with you i cant stop.
name: you are amazing. you always now the rite things to say for me to get cheered up again.

half credit</3
ratee or hatee

nobody said it was gonna be easy,
God just promised it'd be worth it.
you can't help who you love,
you're not supposed to.
& maybe if you're lucky,
you'll find someone who loves you back.
When in doubt , turn to...


Inside joke but its true <3 :D

i held your hand, it felt like a movie.
And even though we broke up..

I love it when he remembers the littlest things that i told him..

Months ago.
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