Quotes added on Monday, January 5 2009

BUt .. tHERE iS AlWAYS A BUt .. 

if you stayed out of my life-
i would still have a best friend                                             
my parents would still trust me,                                              
i would not be afraid of goodbyes,                                                                                                   
innocence would still be something i held                         
i would have enough tears left to cry over the  notebook,      
and i would still have a heart, completley together. </3  
I can spread my wings but only becasue he taught me how too flyy </3
promises mean everything to me
and when you made one to me
and didnt keep it it hurt alot 

 now i got to move on
 it was too good to be true
 what we had was nothing to you.
What do you do when your foundation falls apart?
I don't know.
They don't teach you that in school..
                              would be you kissing me in the rain
                                        ♥     ♥
- © -
i [ [ remember ] ] the days
when staying in l0ve was easy
& ign0rance was Bliss
when girls didnt cry from broken hearts
BUt cried cause their parents ...
had to stop them from playing outside
because it was bedtime *
those good ol' dayz ©

mine =] rate & comment if u want
you my friend, i will defend and if we change; well i love you anyway.

To tell the truth...
     When I first saw the new kleenex commercial
          With the saying "let it out"
             I was really jelous.

When I'm around people...
I act like my feelings are never hurt,
I show no emotions,
I laugh when people insult me,
And I NEVER cry.

When I'm talking to someone I trust completely...
I let them know I'm hurt.
I tell them what I'm feeling,
And why I'm feeling that way.

When I am alone...
I sit on the floor,
With my head in my hands,
Breathing slowly,
Trying to hold it together.

     For too many years I held everything in, and I never let myself just cry it all away.

                                                                                                      Now I can't.

                                   And all I want to do...
                                              Is just


&&  Do you honestly think it's okay...
that you told your friends you hated me
[[they told me what you said]]
and then you come back for a day
[[i just got over you that day]]
and then you leave again
[[breaking my heart again]]
&&  i did nothing to you.
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