Quotes added on Sunday, January 11 2009

Because these things will Change
I can see it now
These walls that they've put up to hold us back

Will Fall Down
is not just a sport
its my life
             ; don't flatter yourself girl Y
            ;  cause the only fan you have
             - - - - -»is on your ceiling 
&+ boy;

ae  YOU PUT THE ae

      C    CITY LIGHTS    C

ae  IN SHAME ae


"If I got a scholership to harvard would I not be aloud to take that too?!"

"No! Youd have to take care of max because your father and I would have died from shock!"

I love george lopez!!!
Do you?

I'm Terrifed Of This One Guy.
I Cant Look Him In The Eye.
When We Pass By Each Other
I Start To Panic.
He Maybe Thinks I'm
Annoying Or
To Hyper For My Own Good.
But I Cant Help But Feel This
Butterfly In My Belly Flying.
{What Should I Do?}

thank you annaheartsyouxox
If you love me,
 Won't you let me know?


Let's run away together,
Lets run away forever.

 but it won't
  be alright when I'm
   not with you

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