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<3 hAyDeN

everyone is on
u j have to go far
enough to reach all
of them
                  my sport is your sport's punishment.



forget princess..
i want to be

a vampire.

rate? sure, go ahead.
- Twilight_is_Love_12

He's my everything,I love him with all my heart
and soul, I dont know what id do with out him.
he's my best friend,my love, the only guy i think of
&i think he's my soul mate... I want to spend the rest of my life with him,
im so scared to lose him but he's not even really mine

i guess im really just scared of someone else falling in love with him
and him falling in love with her...

all Mine..


more then anything im hoping oneday
when i tell him i love him
ill hear him say it back.....


did  you  ever  wonder  what the  point of
1-800-mylemon is?  like    do    they    sell
lemons?                    i'm                    confused...

*half credit to whoever made the daimonds</3

e v e r y | t i m e | i | w a l k | o u t | t h e | d o o r |
i  see him die a little more inside</3

I want him to be happy, I want him to find love
but apart of me wants him to find that happiness with me
apart of me wants him to fall in love with

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