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Loving some one that will [never] love you back
Is like
S-t-i-c-k-i-n-g needles into your heart Y

and it sucks that i though we were best friends
and that i could tell you everything and now
your just u s i n g  everything i told you
against me

 I agree with the Dictionary--
Vampires before Warewolves
Edward before Jacob 

not mine butt i love twilight<3
rate high<3

            cute, full of 
CRAP , and can allways be replaced!!!

Now that I've been released from my cage, I don't know where to go or what to do. And honestly? I kind of miss my cage.

(C) Credit to me, MidnightRain13

I'm Fresher Than A Bowl Of Fruit <3

Its not pms........ Its you
I Dont Like You
 Even Though I stare at you all the time , and i always find an excuse to talk to you .
 I always walk next to you in the hallway , and i always have the biggest smile on
 my face . we constantly talk on the phone . Everytime im with you im happier than
ive ever been before .In every class i have with you were always goofing around , and we always get in trouble, i hate getting in trouble but it makes it worth while if its with you . Pffft . i dont like you .
I Love You
some people say volleyball is easy;;
yeah rightt.
in volleyball:
you can't be afraid to hit the floor.
you're pain is played off into toughness.
you've got to want it to win it.
it's all about the team.
and without the approach;;
good luck trying to spike on the other team
volleyball is willpower;;
fight;; bravery;; skill;;
volleyball isnt an easy sport;;
its a way of life

not mine rate it or hate it :)
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