Quotes added on Tuesday, January 20 2009

And who here
hates scary movvies
but just cause its on the screen 
you just cant stop ur self  from watching

it cuz i knw i do

HEhe but then i get nightmares haha.. rate high if u do tht
Chat room with my bff taylor, and my boyfriend :]

me: I can't dance for my life

taylor:yes you can.. you just choose not to
my bf:i can only slow dance.. thats it

my bf:well we could always dance the edward and bella way
me:so you mean i'll have a broken leg? ouch..
my bf:no, i mean like at edward and bella's wedding... he holds her even though she's fully functional
taylor: aww!
me: aw :] ok

i love my bf. he's so sweet xD  **rate or hate. your choice, dont have to :]
w a i t i n g
on the world to change.

close to the heart,
& there for support.
Does anyone ever get the feeling that somewhere in Norway someone is cyber stalking you???
F o r g i v e n e s s  is such a simple word
But it's so hard to do when you've been hurt.

- I wonder by Kellie Pickler
Please do this. I have to prove to my friend I am not a vampire.

Reasons my friend thinks my family and I are vampires:
I have bronze hair and green eyes
My mom and cat have golden eyes
My dog has red eyes (she is not albino)
My brother and I bite people
I like the taste of blood
I got mad at myy juice box, so I ripped it apart with my teeth
For 2 weeks I couldn't sleep
Me and my sister's skin is very pale and cold
I have permanent bags under my eyes
I have been known to growl
I don't react to temperatures

I hate these but: High if I'm a vampire. Low if I'm not.
I read the British version of Harry Potter
and yell at it because of the excess u's
I talk to my cat.
Got a problem with that?
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