Quotes added on Thursday, January 22 2009

I'm awesome
------------------------------>what's your excuse?

"I call them April Babies, cause they fools"

- lil wayne

You're a [part time] lover,
and a full time friend
The monkey on your back
is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see
in anyone

 b u   y o u . .
"But, I've recently learned that not everything goes the way you want."
maybe if you opened your eyes & looked into hers
              you'd see how much
-----------------------------------------------[she loves you]
Everytime i see you,
my heart beats a little faster.
Everytime I see you,
my smile gets bigger.
Everytime I see you,
I get butterflies.
Everytime I see you,
I just want to be with you!
Oh God a yo mama joke...

Yo mama so ugly she went to enter an ugly contest and they said "No professionals.."

I Love everyone in my own hateful way :)
in order to be irreplacable one must be different --coco chanel
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