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    she told herself she was going to be stronger; not get upset,
  shes so sick of pretending that shes fine,  but will still fake a smile.
she just wants to be young again, when there was no drama.
   she done fighting with her parents, and sick of getting thrown around

like piece of dirt. shes sick
of all the [bitchiness] that highschool has brang,

  and thrown upon her, all the best friends she has grown apart from and can

hardly look at anymore. shes through hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

but most of all      shes done,waiting,hoping and wishing for her..
     *               *
  Fairy tale ending. *

Everything will be okay.
Everything will be all right.
If I can get away from her,
and save my worthless life.

girl with golden eyes; Sixx:A.M.

[ D o n ' t ] Stop,

Won't ^^Stop^^

Gon' get it → girl.™

&&Everybody is this [ g a l a x y ]

Just wants to [ s e e ] you twirl.♥™

Dont you hate it when tomorrow comes,
           and you can't hold on to your dreams
any longer?

Mine! I dont care if you use it, but a little credit please!

kissing test
1.hold you breath
2.copy and past this quote
3.click add a quote
4.good now ,if you did it without breathing
you are a good kisser or your comuter is fast lol

i did it, and i forgot to sign in when i found this soooo
i had to hold my breath longer :)

the day he asked you out on AIM. You thought it was amazing and that you could brag that you actually had a boyfriend. His icon had your name with hearts all around it. You were already planning your second date even before the first one. You would hug everyday at school. You would always have something to talk about. You were pretty much best friends as much as lovers. Your friend forced you to use one straw for your drinks. Not that you had a problem with it. Everything seemed to be fine. Until the day he broke up with you over AIM. You were on the phone with your best friend when it had happened. You never got over him for 5 months. Later on when you finally talk to him again he says he was forced to go out with you and never considered you his girlfriend. Everything is cool and your friends again but you know that still doesn't  take away the fact that

              hE bR0kE Y0uR hEARt.

Me: Emo music is good for the soul.
Katie: Um, Sarah?
Me: ?
Katie: Animal I Have Become isn't emo music.
Me: 2 bad
Me: I say it is.
Me: So it it.
Me: =)
Katie: -.-
Katie: Well your wrong.

Just happened. ^.^

♥ just boiling in my blood.
and you think that i can't see.
what kind of man you are?
if your a man at all..
i will figure this one out.
[ o n my o w n ]♥
my thoughts you can't
[ d 3 C 0 d 3 ]

Its 11:11 I close my eyes 
&make a wish
every morning that I wake
your the one laying next to me 

mine, :)

if you want to get over your ex
you've got to let someone help you
give yourself another chance
don't remain weak
there's always someone who's ready
to love you [ BETTER .

rate please =)
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