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                                                      0h ASiUNS!

lmfaoo insider w/ me & my best friends :]^^
I pledge (( allegiance ))
to my chemical romance
of new jersey
and to the music
of which they play
one nation
under [ g e r a r d ]
with venom and vampiresfor [ all ]

mcr pledge(: comment, rate, hate, whatever.♥

           I am the kind of girl..
you want to hate. cant hate. love to hate. hate to love. your first girlfriend. first kiss. first love. first life. first ex. the girl you'll never forget♥

Me and my boyfriend were together one day...
We were standing there facing eath with our hands together...
Then his dad rang his mobile...
So he answered it...
As he was talking I wrapped my arms around him...
But he pushed me away...
Of course that hurt...
So I put my sad face on so he would know I was upset...
A couple of minutes later he finished talking to his dad...
He wraps his arms around me and says...
Awww I'm so sorry babe...
Its just I find it hard to form a sentence when your hugging me because all I can think about is how amazing you are and how good it feels when you touch me...

Mmm okay so its bad but it happened to me lol yerr good times.. lol :D

May your heart
Be assured today of
How very precious
You are to him ..<3

A guy said this to me lol he made it up.. thought it was really sweet :D
The road between friends is never long
But the traveling can be rough
Friendship can take quite a toll
But the joy of the journey's enough(:
Pray for peace in the gaza strip
more than 350 children dead.
1 UN representative.
4 medical personelle  
 1,010 in total

rate high if you think the M killing M should STOP.

**if anyone doesnt know about the genocide in gaza and is interested in**
**knowing the FACTS i can explain it to you or give you non biased credible links**
just think witty should be informed

  forever & always
Palestinian Holocaust

Seriously it's time to go look it up or ask me about what's going on. It's sad that you guys don't know what your tax dollars are doing to these innocent people. They are mainly targeting women and children.

Tell me how you'd feel if you come home and your family is dead because of a bomb that landed on your living room floor. You have no money no food, but even if you had money the borders are all closed up around you and there is no food or clean water for that matter!

Tell me seriously, cause I doubt you'd still be heartbroken over a guy.

      sometimes you just have to smile,
                        pretend everything's okay,
            hold back the tears
[ just walk away ]

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