Quotes added on Saturday, January 24 2009

Jerks come and go.... but every girl has a prince charming out there sumwhere... so don't ever give up looking for him- cuz he's looking for U too.

edward. . .

<<credit to mmeerreeddiitthh she always says this
Cause I don't except any less
Then someone just as real, as fabuloussss*
Happy Bunny #1
this has been fun now i am going to go barf

*random thought # 1*

If you love someone enough to marry them...
How can you hate them enough to divorce them?

Happy Bunny #2
I know i'm perfect now stop staring
you like me
you hate me
you miss me
you confuse me
you want me
you dont care about me

you love her
you miss her
you confuse her
you want her
you care about her

Happy Bunny #3
at least i'm pretending to listen that should be enough for you

--->is life

Happy Bunny #4
you go girl...and don't come back
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