Quotes added on Saturday, January 24 2009

I suddenly fell for this awsome perfect guy
i was gunnna let my best friend tell him
 then i logged into myspace and hhad a new message..
it was from him i was excited
it said:
 guess what guess what im going out with Alexx!!!


A little boy was at school
His teacher said he had
To learn a few words in
English so he was
Walking home and he
Heard a man running
With his son saying
"Come on!!"
So he remembered it
Then he walked by a
Space place and heard
"Take off!"
He remember it
Finally he walked by a
Zoo and heard
So he went back to school
And the teacher asked
"What did you learn?"
And he said
"Come on! Take off zebra!!"
(come on take off ze-bra)

Hehe I laughed when I heard this

There were 3 guys in a room
And one robber
The robber goes the the first guy
And points a gun at him
The guy points and says:
And runs away
He goes to the second guy
And points his gun
The guy points and yells:
And runs away
He goes to the last guy
And points his gun at him
The guy points and yells:
And the guy got shot

hehehehe I laughed (:
 no one rocks the baseball cap like
Emmett Cullen 
i love you.

it's the hardest thing in the world to say.
(i love you.)
three words, eight letters.
(i love you.)
you can say it to a friend,
(i love you.)
or a lover,
(i love you.)
or your family,
(i love you.)
or anyone or anything else for which you feel affection.
(i love you.)
it can mean everything.
(i love you.)
it can mean nothing.
(i love you.)
it can mean so many different things
(i love you.)
and yet we only have one word for it.
(i love you.)
i want to say this to you
(i love you.)
but it gets all jumbled up when I try to say
(i love you.)
that you are valuable to me.
(i love you.)
three syllables. one sentence.
(i love you.)
but the thing is people just say it too much
(i love you.)
and when I say it, I want to mean it.
(i love you.)

not mine i take no credit

                                                                       don't u just love all the [abbreviations] ?

Love me
---------Like me
-----------------Come ahead
--------------------------------And fight me

I Think Im Paranoid

When I saw she had no lunch money, I offered to buy it for her. As she was walking away and I got that stupid smile on my face just because she hugged me, I realized... I had no money left for my lunch. But because of the happiness I saw in her face, I didn't care.
*random thought #3*
Screw prince charming
   Im waiting on E♥d♥w♥a♥r♥d Cullen♥
Girl: Oh, and one more thing
Boy: What?
Girl: I love you

Ugh some times I just want to do that
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