Quotes added on Sunday, January 25 2009

thank you for showing me what i do not need in life
[[        a.k.a --- you      ]]
basically, WE rock
[&+ wetotallyget it if you're jealous]

sry messed up colors
redo. (:
and while i was eating my lucky charms-for good luck on my test that day
i was listening to check yes juliet-and when i was supposed to be taking a test i was singing
absolutely.obsessive.over.music <3
Ñ its the key to my heart and i know you will lose it or throw it away. . . . . . . . .  but i am trusting you not to ?. . . . . . . .
if you think eating carpet lint is fun,
wait till' you fall in love."
-chuckie finster

&& who else remembers the rugrats?
and wants the show back.
I'm going to smile
like nothings wrong
talk like everythings
perfect,act like it's
all a dream, and
pretend it's not
hurting me
no amount of makeup.
can cover up her tear stained eyes*
Friends are the people you can trust with your deepest secret....thats how its supposed to be...right?

I thought i could trust people i dont really know who i can now

Don't you hate it when
Your in the car and your singing to a song
 and then you notice a really hott guy is in the next car over 

{that happened to me today and he gave me that okay then kind of look}


*ill edit it laterr.
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