Quotes added on Monday, January 26 2009

&&i got your back since birth
&& we wear flipflops
even in the middle of winter<3

When i thought it would be good that we were over, i was oh so wrong. </3
Go Ahead!
keep getting annoyed with the ads
in the middle of the pages
but they are what keep witty profiles
from shutting down sooooo
Thank God for Ads!
It's complicated...

i love him
he's gonna ask out my best friend
shes gonna say yes
i dont know what i'm gonna do
told you...

its complicated...

_*guess what*_
i fall up stairs. --->woah what are you gonna do?
i push for things that say pull.  ---> so what.
i prefer skinny jeans and converse over skirts and heels. -->
get over it.
ben and jerrys are my best friends. -->
yeah, hun, i dont spend my days eating carrots.
i shop at target --> ohh, did i just say that?
&&      G U E S
S      W H A T...
---> i like to watch football on teevee.
im not perfect. but i dont wanna be 

this totally describes me
not mine credit to xolovejonasox
so here i am.
i've waited forever to get him back,
but now that i did... its different.
we've both changed ...  more than i had expected.
its not the same as it once was.
i no longer feel that spark when he kisses me;
we ruun out of things to talk about a lot;
& i feel as is somethings missing.
is it possible that, now, once i finally
can say that he's mine once again,
that i maybe, just might ..
only love him as a frienn? </3
and the day you die, 
i will spill
 every feeling i have of you:
show my
and how i will move on
easily but unwillingly.
and you will know how much you loved me too...
but it will be
far from to late.
and i will be the face imprinted in that small mind of yours,
when you die. </3
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