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me:See, I'm just smart like that
me:I am!!

I am to smart!
loll, not really.
whoever said, "you dont know what you have
until its gone," is wrong. you know exactly
what you have, when you have it. you just
don't know how much you need it until
you can't have it anymore. <//3
&I don't even know what it is...
It's just something about you, that makes
my heart pound really hard whevever
I see you, or text you, and just thinking
about you, whenever in the day,
makes me smile, and I get really
overjoyed, and I blush and giggle.
But is that just me
i  hate how  we don't  talk for weeks
but then  all  of a  sudden you talk to
me    again.    &&   it   is   like    as  if
nothing     happened ..    && i  slowly
start falling for you ... all over again
&I think htat after all I've been through,
There truely was no way to go but up.
&I'm praying nothing can get any worse,
Because really, I do have faith in this.
&oddly, I'm not quite sure why.
what is [[heartbreak]]?
is it layinqq on tha bathroom floor tryinq ur hardest to breathee. .. .
whilee simultaneously wonderinq why it went wronq. .. .
how you're qunna qet back uhpp +& pretend like everythinq is alright. .. . 
+& wut tha hell r yu qunna do abt that hole in ur chest?
....yeahh;; ii think thas it. </3 

ohkay soo tha colors arent tha besttt buh tha quote is cuteee. =)
sunday dress hangin' on the bedroom door,
empty bottle of wine on the hardwood floor.
last night he said she was 'the one,'
oh, but men and mascara always run.
When he said "We can be together when pigs fly" I
almost cried because I know that would never happen
and that he's too good to be with me. But the next
day when I saw him at his window of his house, He
smiled happily at me and then I almost cried again
because, he threw a stuffed animal pig out the window
and said, "That's good enough for us to be together" =)


te quiero hoy
mas que ayer
pero no tanto
como mañan
Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself
Where did it all go wrong?
But the list goes on and on
Truth be told I miss you
Truth be told I'm lying
When you see my face
I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell
If you find a man that's worth the damn and treats you well
Then he's a fool you're just as well hope it gives you hell
- Gives You Hell, All American Rejects

favorite part of the songggg.
xoxox marisa (:
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