Quotes added on Monday, February 2 2009

i mean what can i say
3 babies in the backseat singin to you
hey DJ won't you play that song for
and my hom and my
homies all singin to it
So i've officially established
that my boyfriend
is no Edward Cullen.

The other day he gave me a piggyback ride,
and he's just not damn fast enough. :[
I only asked my boyfriend to do 5 little things:
1. Climb up to my window
2. Bite my neck
3.Buy a silver Volvo
4. Write me a lullaby
[well maybe i crossed the line when i asked him to roll in glitter.]

So mom thinks i'm going to college
            in Washington.
What she doesn't know is:
That's just Plan B.
Alice Cullen;;
      [ i think your mind is broken.]
because i just jumped off a cliff,
      and when i got home;;
                  --------------> you weren't here.
&& when i layed my head on your back
with my arms around your chest
your heart was beating fast
just.like.mine (:
America's Most Wanted:
Edward Cullen.
Nahh, i wouldn't call Twilight an obsession...
     it's more of a
Laughter is my
c <3
So try your best now baby,
Try your best to break me

You can't break a broken heart... </3
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